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There are many Portable Batting Turtles to choose from and in many price ranges.
Here, we have outlined the best features whether you are looking for Economical, Best Quality or our Most Popular portable hitting turtle.

Portable baseball hitting turtles, used for batting practice, will help you and the team get the most out of each practice. No more chasing balls from the bleachers or the next-door neighbor’s yard. Our portable batting turtles stop any foul ball and keep it at the plate. Batting practice without a portable batting cage may cause damage to surrounding vehicles or buildings.

All our baseball and softball batting turtles are easy to bring on and off the field! Choose from our most popular brands, Big Bubba to our economical hitting turtle, the D1 Folding Rolling Baseball Turtle!

Here we explain which portable batting turtle will be right for you

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Most Economical –
Folding Batting Practice Turtle – Portable Batting Turtles

We’ve offered our D1 foldable baseball turtle for enough seasons to say that we just don’t see any issues! There is no premature failure and we don’t hear common complaints at all! The replaceable parts are few and always available. This includes the main net, which is heavy, weather-treated & seems to last regardless of the environment!

This is pro-quality baseball field equipment that will hold up over many seasons of heavy use!
A Made in USA rolling foldable batting cage that won’t break the bank!
If this is in your budget, you can be confident in your purchase!


For one, the price is right!

Then, we add the feature of the ability to fold it to a height of just 3.75 feet high in 2 minutes and move it on or off the field easily!

The D1’s extra long width of 16½ feet is more than sufficient to accommodate left or right-hand batters of any size or age without needing to shift the cage.

The thick 3.5 mm polyethylene cage netting is made from a #600 weather-treated high tenacity propylene (HTPP), a heavy-duty material that’s softer & stronger than nylon. There’s also double netting behind the hitter to reinforce the net that would otherwise get worn down the quickest.

Features we appreciate of the D1 Backstop-

  • Galvanized Steel Frame Is Rustproof For Years Of Use
  • It’s Rear Wheel Dolly Allows For Quick Transport
  • A Double Netting Behind Batter For Net Wear Protection
  • An Easy to Set Up Rolling Batting Cage
  • Goes From Storage to Batting Practice in 2 Minutes


The D1 Cage can be easily folded by two people for convenient storage. It can literally go from storage to batting practice in just 2 minutes. The cage comes equipped with three 16″ diameter, 6″ hub, ball bearing, multi-directional pneumatic (compressed air) wheels, each of which has a locking system to prevent air from leaking out. The rear wheel has a dolly assembly, making the cage easy to move.

When folded, the cage compresses to dimensions of 16½’ wide x 11¼’ deep x only 3.75′ high


  • It’s a large, foldable batting cage and its heavyweight enough for any climate or any team. It’s complete with nothing else to buy!
  • It ships by truck and might take you 1 1/2 to 2 hours to assemble the first time, then only 2 minutes to set up for your practice!
  • There are no extra options offered or needed though our home plate turf stance mats are a common accessory… ours are pro quality, of course!

Best Quality & Built to Last –
Portable Hitting Turtle – AKA Portable Batting Turtle

Here’s Why This Portable Baseball Backstop AKA Batting Turtle Is Fast Becoming A Must-Consider Or Perhaps A Must-Buy!

1 –  It was designed by engineers who go waaay-back with the invention of this type & shape of portable baseball backstop.
2 – They made one model and included all the bells & whistles (other than color) for the cost of the competing base models!


  • Large Batter’s Interior & Overall Dimensions: 22′ Deep x 18′ Wide x 12′ High
  • 2″ (OD) Diameter Heavy-Wall Rustproof Aluminum Tube Frame
  • Fold-Flat Collapsable Design – 5 Ft. Tall Storage & Transport Height
  • Heavy #42 Double-Dipped All-Weather Knotless Net – Includes Oversized 10′ x 10′ Baffle Net!
  • Improved Transport Dolley System & Oversize Drive Wheel For Much Easier Daily Transport
  • Heavy-Duty BLACK Vinyl Skirt, Large Thud Pad, Complete Covered Ricochet Cushion System


  • Dual 2-Coach Folding Coaches Platforms
  • Oversize Side & Drive-Wheel Turf Tires
  • Side Wheels Turn 180 Degrees With Lockable Hubs
  • Large 4′ x 6′ High-Density Foam Weatherproof Thud Pad
  • Complete Ricochet Cushion System Pads All Ribs


It’s as large as anyone could want. It has all the upgrades included (other than perhaps adding your team color vinyl skirt & the front rib ricochet cushion for an upcharge). It just moves easier due to an improved transport dolly, wider all-turf tires, and side-wheels that move (the only model ever created with this feature)!

And it ships FREE to any business or school in the continental USA!
Even the ricochet cushion is tougher than usual and covers more than just a single area!
If you are looking for a portable batting turtle in this price range, you will be very happy with this purchase for the many reasons that you will use it!

The Big Bubba Batting Turtle has been around for long enough now that you have likely seen it more than any other batting turtle.

As we update this page for 2020, I have even more years to rave about the value & long-term performance of the Big Bubba!

I’ve been a fan of the Big Bubba Batting Turtle for years! It’s full size, easy mobility and pro features were just so much better than the traditional squared-off models that were the biggest sellers, at that time.

It’s pro-size, collapsible structure and super-easy steering allow it to be quickly moved & stored daily! It ships quickly and assembles easily. The few replaceable parts are always available, though you won’t need them for many seasons in the future.

I continue to receive positive feedback from coaches & athletic directors on the Big Bubba Batting Turtles and now on the Big Bubba Elite, too. I also notice both models in more and more high school & college programs on my baseball travels.

Still, no complaints, bad reviews, or calls about failure-issues other than the typical “wear-parts” of nets and worn-out vinyl skirts.

We have Big Bubba Parts & Accessories if you want a peek.

We’ve now added its upscale brother, The Bubba Elite (aka Better Bubba) for those programs with the extra budget and desire the extra features on the same frame.

The Big Bubba Elite aka Bubba Elite offers larger wheels, fenders, a buffed-up drive dolly system, complete frame padding and 2 coaches observation platform- all for a bit more money.

Many of the quality portable batting turtles are MADE IN THE USA and all come with a great warranty. If we can answer any questions for you about our portable hitting turtles, please give us a call at  800-487-7432 M-F 10am-7pm EST

BTW Terminology:
I have never seen a product that’s known by so many different names. The old-timers used to call them batting turtles or baseball turtles. Since then, they have been known by some of the following…
All seem to be interchangeable and are listed here:
Baseball Turtle
Batting Turtle
Hitting Turtle
Batting Practice Turtle
Batting Practice Cage
Rolling Batting Cage
Rollaway Batting Cage
Portable Batting Cages
Portable Baseball Backstop
Roll Away Batting Cage

Whatever they are called, we offer them at