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The Original Big Bubba Batting Cage | USA’s #1 Selling Baseball Turtle


  • A High School & College Standard
  • Easy 2 Minute Set-Up & Breakdown
  • Larger Yet Easier For Daily Transport
  • Weatherproof Vinyl Skirt, Net & Baffle 
  • Lighter Yet Heavier Duty Frame
  • Need Big Bubba Parts & Accessories?  
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free shipping5 year limited warranty

89 / 100

The Original Big Bubba Batting Cage Rolling Portable Backstop!

The Big Bubba Batting Cage has been around for long enough now that you have likely seen it more than any other batting turtle.
As I update this page in 2020, I have even more years to rave about the value & long-term performance of the Big Bubba!

I’ve been a fan of the Big Bubba Batting Cage for years! It’s full size, easy mobility and pro features were just so much better than the traditional squared-off models that were the biggest sellers at that time (they are still available for those on a budget under our batting cages area on our site).

It’s pro size, collapsible structure and super-easy steering allow it to be quickly moved & stored daily! It ships quickly and assembles easily. Even the few wear-parts are always available, though you won’t need them for many seasons in the future.

I continue to receive positive feedback from coaches & athletic directors on the Big Bubba Batting Cage and now on the Big Bubba Elite Too. I also notice both models in more and more high school & college programs on my baseball travels.
Still, no complaints, bad reviews, or calls about failure-issues other than the typical “wear-parts” of nets and worn-out vinyl skirts.

We have a Big Bubba parts-page if you want a peek. Here is our schematic for portable batting cage parts

I’ve now added its upscale brother, The Bubba Elite (aka Better Bubba) for those programs with the extra budget and desire the extra features on the same frame.

The Better Bubba / Bubba Elite offers larger wheels, fenders, a buffed-up drive dolly system, complete frame padding & 2 coaches observation platforms… all for a bit more money.

Click here if you want to see it right now

I Cannot Recommend The Big Bubba Batting Cage More Highly!
  • Uses #600 HTPP netting includes a baffle net & is stronger than nylon
  • NEW! You choose from 5 vinyl skirt colors with no upcharge
  • Simple daily assembly collapses to just 5 feet high for easy storage
  • The 5-year manufacturer warranty is the longest in the business!

The Last Baseball Turtle | Portable Backstop You Will Buy!

The heavy-duty high tenacity propylene (HTPP) #600 netting is weather-treated material so it is softer, but stronger than nylon! The vinyl-coated skirt wraps around the base of the cage to reduce ricochet and, combined with the extra baffle net behind the batter, protects the area that receives the most wear. There is 42′ of ricochet cushion behind the cage to minimize ball rebound and the front frame is covered by thin black padding to reduce damage to the frame by batted balls.

The well-built construction, portability & collapsible design makes it the USA’S #1 portable baseball backstop! Up, Down & Stored FAST!

Made from 2″ heavy-wall aluminum tubing, the backstop quickly collapses to a height of just 5 feet, which limits storage space requirements. Two 16″ pneumatic (compressed air) side wheels and the rear 16″ pneumatic steering wheel make relocation simple. It takes just a couple of players to move the Big Bubba Batting Cage, And it’s only a 2-minute set-up!

Download the Assembly Instructions –

It’s The #1 Portable Baseball Backstop Of High School, College & Pro Ballparks!

EndorsementsBig Bubba Rolling Batting Cage Baseball Backstop
“The best rolling batting cage on the market. The perfect choice if you are purchasing a portable batting cage”
– Bob Morgan, Former Head Coach – Indiana University
Warranty5 Year
Warranty DetailsThe warranty is prorated. Note that we have zero claims over many seasons! The main net is covered for a pro-rated 2 year period.

Everything you need for a complete rolling baseball backstop is included – there’s nothing more to buy!
*The Big Bubba Batting Cage Portable Backstop is a special order and no returns are allowed.

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