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A Unique Collapsible Portable Batting Turtle | USA Made


check box   Full Size Yet Stores In 1 Ft. Depth
check box   Up & Down In 2 Minutes
check box   2″ Steel Tube Frame & Heavy #42 Nylon Net
check box   Indoor/Outdoor With No Cables Or Stakes 

1 year warranty

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A Unique Portable Batting Turtle That Collapses To A 1 Foot Depth

A portable batting turtle sounds good in theory and has been attempted over the years with no more than average success.
One of our former employees got it done and I am confident that the savings over a traditional rolling portable baseball backstop is worth it, especially if you have real need to store the unit in a small footprint-area.

The entire unit assembles quickly with just 4 people before practice and breaks down even quicker while leaning against your outfield wall, fence or gym wall… wherever is convenient and hopefully close by your BP area. (checking out the I phone video will quickly let you know if this portable batting turtle will fit your needs!)

Here’s What You Should Want to Know Before Purchasing This Innovative Portable Batting Turtle  

  The Small Footprint Has A Large Interior Size For Any Size Players
   It’s Accordion Fold Design Is 1 Only Foot Deep When Leaned Against Any Wall Or Fence
   It Assembles Fast & Folds Away Incredibly Fast  (see our 2:48 video showing both)
  The Assembled Size Is 12′ Height 18′ Width & 15′ Depth (similar to our pro rolling models)
  Its Team Durable 2″ Steel Tube Frame X Connectors Are Padded + No Wires Or Stakes
  Includes Our
Heavy UV-Protected Nylon Netting For Both Indoors or Outdoors 

Here’s What I Like About This One-Of-A-Kind Portable Backstop

  1. 1st is the price for its convenience. I’ve never found or offered any batting turtle for this price (we don’t offer the pop-up toys which might work for a team of 9 yr olds but is not the market we serve).
  2. Next is the adult size and its team strength design. I have known the manufacturer of this product for many years; an old friend and ex-high school coach & athletic director who would never cut a corner. His design is one of simplicity and is designed to last you for many years without issue.
  3. Daily assembly is as simple as placing a player at each of the 4 legs, open the cage up to its full size, buckle the crossbar supports, maneuver to wherever the cage is needed, lock it in place and start hitting! Reversing the simple process and call it a day.
  4. Regardless of the factory 1 yr. warranty, you should not expect premature wear or any failures for many seasons!

At this point, you should know if this fits your needs. If not, call us anytime at 800-487-7432.
I hope my thoughts have helped you to make the best use of your budget.

Additional information

Dimensions15 × 18 × 12 in


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