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The Pitch Hunter Express Pro Baseball Turtle – The Batting Turtle Every School Wants


Allow 15-18+ weeks. Order ASAP for your quickest delivery!

  • A Pro-Style Baseball Turtle With All-Welded Construction
  • Heavy #60 Nylon Netting | UV Protected From Sun Rays
  • Team Color Vinyl Skirt & Front Rib Ricochet Cushion
  • Optional Full Frame Team Color Skirt & Ricochet Cushion Kit
  • Great Interior Size | 16’ Wide x 13’ Deep x 10′ 6″ High
  • Requires Some Easy Assembly (no special tools)

10.5′ H x 16′ W x 13′ D | 620 lbs.

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The Pitch Hunter Express | The Baseball Turtle You Want!

Here is the number one batting practice cage that any high school or college baseball coach or GM has wanted for years.
You are now able to purchase it directly from BASEBALL TURTLES and get to delivered directly to your ballfield. It has the typical dimensions of most hitting turtles that you have seen or used and fits all-size players. It’s perfect for programs needing the heaviest-duty working tools.

This Baseball Turtle Has It All & Includes The Popular Pro Options
… all in your team color!

  • Great Size – Pro Dimensions 18′ Wide  x 17′ Deep x 10′ 6″ High
    ExpressHunter SideView Installation 112021

    Express PitchHunter SideView Installation

  • Superior Strength – 900 Lbs. – Solid Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe
  • Transport Quickness – 3 Oversize Turf Tires & Controlled By An EZ Turn Transport Dolly
  • Included Extras – Heavy #60 UV-Treated Nylon Netting, Basic Padding Kit & Team Color Vinyl Skirt

Choose The Standard Or Full Padding Model

  • Our standard model includes a vinyl ball stopper skirt in your choice of team color plus our pro vinyl ricochet padding that covers the front frame rib (the one that’s closest to the pitcher and takes the most mis-hits).
  • Our full padding model includes a vinyl ball stopper skirt in your choice of team color plus our pro vinyl ricochet padding that covers ALL frame ribs PLUS most other exposed frame parts including the incredibly handy coaching lean-bar and the cross bars that hold up the frame ribs.

My Summary Of This Truly Pro Baseball Turtle

You’ve seen it in Spring training, at MiLB ballparks, and at big-time D1 programs… and for good reason…That should tell you a lot right there!

The 1st thing you should notice is that this unit is a traditional size that works for players of all ages! This “Express Batting Turtle model” is 16′ W x 13′ D x 10′ 6″ H while the spring training “big sister pro model” is 18′ W  x 17′ D x 10′ 6″ H; both have similar features & options. Does that make one better? No. You simply have two great choices!
The next thing to point out is the great shape. No wasted space yet will never feel cramped. Great looking and highly practical!

The pictures don’t accurately show you how well it is constructed and how many seasons of great performance this true work tool will last matter your weather, climate, or amount of heavy use you might give it!

ExpressPitchHunter Sideview 112021 1

Express PitchHunter Sideview

Here’s My Shortlist Of Baseball Turtle Features That Matter

The frame is constructed of 2″ ID (inside diameter) aluminum pipe so it is lighter than steel but heavy-duty. A welded frame is going to last you many extra seasons of heavy use.
The bolted construction pieces are easy to assemble with basic tools. No engineering degree is required.

The net is a heavy #60 virgin nylon that’s hung square (the best way to build and hang a net). It’s been weather-treated to guard against UVA & B rays that eventually break down all nets. Lead rope bottom is another feature most others don’t include. This Made in USA quality will afford you many extra carefree seasons!

The vinyl skirt deadens mishits and is easily replaceable. The standard ricochet cushion is vinyl over the foam and not the cheap “pool noodle” seen on some cheaper models. It covers the front rib (closest to the pitcher) though full cushion kits are the same high-quality materials but cover almost all exposed frame pieces (see the pictures).

I really like the unique well thought-out rear coach’s lean bar, making it easy to watch from behind your batters, all from ground level! The oversize turf tires help to minimize the damage of soggy turf and will easily transport over all surfaces from crush-n-run to dirt and grass!

In Summary
Buy this baseball turtle with confidence!
The manufacturers are true baseball-people who have decades serving some of the biggest baseball & fastpitch programs in the country. It is a family business with generations of doing things right. I have found them a pleasure to work with, quality people with a quality crew of pros making quality products!

Select your team color and if you have the extra budget, add the complete padding kit and we will build and truck-ship your custom unit right to your school or complex 6 weeks, sometimes sooner.

This is a buy-it-once work tool that you will use every day. Because it will outlast almost anything else on the market, the cost of ownership is very reasonable, making it a smart purchase for any baseball or fastpitch program!