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Singles Hitter Rolling Batting Cage – Budget Batting Practice Cage


A Rolling Batting Cage With All Pro Materials!

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Allow 15-18+ weeks. Order ASAP for your quickest delivery!

  • A Pro Baseball Turtle With All Welded Aluminum Construction
  • Heavy #60 Nylon Netting | UV Treated From Suns Rays
  • Team Color Vinyl Skirt & Front Rib Ricochet Cushion
  • Great Interior Size | 16’ Wide x 13’ Deep x 10′ 6″ High
  • Requires Some Easy Assembly (no special tools)

Dimensions: 11′ H x 18′ W x 17′ D | 380 lbs.

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Please send us an email with your purchase order and tax exempt certificate, so we can invoice your purchase.

The Singles Hitter Rolling Batting Cage Saves Budgets!

Here is the least costly Full-Size rolling batting practice cage we offer as of this writing.
Our Singles hitter rolling batting cage features a creative design that uses foldable wings and a 5 wheel transport system that includes all the basic functions and still includes strength, size, and our ability to offer this piece of American engineering for those on a budget!
It has a large-enough interior for high school or college baseball players, and typical dimensions of most hitting turtles that you have seen or used. 

You are now able to purchase it directly from BASEBALL TURTLES and have it truck shipped right to your ballfield or school in weeks, not months. We will make and deliver to you in what typically takes 4-5 weeks (though some times of year may take more or less).

Sacrifice Some Options & Not Your Player’s Amount Of Cage Time!

I am still shocked at how many programs work with a used-up piece of something that’s been on the field so long, no one remembers how long… and other programs that have been living without…forever.
If it is your budget that keeps you from updating your program, have a look at this unit.

It was built by a legendary baseball equipment guy and a legendary college coach; both are career guys who invested a lifetime around these products and know what it takes to do things right!

Now you kids can hit more and shag less; all pointing to giving more quality on-field cage time that may shape you next season!
Hit more, shag less… do it again tomorrow! The rest is just detail!

  • Adult Size –  plenty of room for players and coaches
  • Superior Strength – Tough Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe | Heavy #60 UV-Treated Nylon Netting
  • Transport Quickness – 5 Tires to quicken folding wings and transporting off any playing surface
  • Included Extras –  Basic Front Rib Padding Kit & Team Color Vinyl Skirt


Here’s My Shortlist Of Baseball Turtle Features That Matter

  • Room For Any Player – 18′ W x 9′ Angled To 11′ H, 14′ W At Back, 17′ D
  • Solid American-Built Construction – 2″ Schedule 40 Aluminum Tubing
  • Pro Impact Netting – #60 HD UV Treated nylon net sides & back panels with lead rope bottom
  • Strong Barrier Netting – #24 UV Treated nylon net roof with lead rope bottom
  • 5 Wheel Transport System –  (10″ Foam Filled) with two ground wheel chocks
  • Maneuverable Design – Folding wings allow transportation through a 10-foot wide gate
  • Choose Your Team Color – includes vinyl skirt backdrop/ballstop & vinyl padded forward wings


check box   This rolling batting cage frame is built from 2-inch ID (inside diameter) aluminum pipe; It’s lighter than steel but still holds up to daily team use. Frame welds allow for extra seasons when other cheaper joints fail while any bolted sections share a superior design that additionally allows for easier assembly… all with basic tools.

check box   The same heavy #60 hung on the square nylon as on our pro models. It’s weather-protected to guard against UVA & B rays a lead rope bottom is another feature most others don’t include.
This Made in USA quality gives you extra carefree seasons!

check box   The vinyl skirt deadens mishits and can be replaced if ever needed. The standard ricochet cushion is vinyl over the foam and not the cheap “pool noodle” seen on some cheaper models. It covers the front rib (closest to the pitcher) though full cushion kits are the same high-quality materials but cover almost all exposed frame pieces (see the pictures).

I really like the unique well though rear coach’s lean bar, making it easy to watch from behind your batters, all from ground level! The oversize turf tires help to minimize the damage of soggy turf and will easily transport over all surfaces from crush-n-run to dirt and grass!

In Summary
Buy this rolling batting cage with confidence! The manufacturer is a multi-generational family of true “baseball guys” who’ve invested decades into serving pro ball and amateur school programs around the entire US!
This family business includes generations of doing things right. I have found them a pleasure to work with; Quality people with a well-trained crew of specialty professionals building quality products season after season!

Select your team color and we will build and truck-ship your custom unit right to your school or complex in 6 weeks, maybe sooner.

This is a buy-it-once work tool that you will use every day. Because it should last you many, many seasons without issue, the cost of ownership is very reasonable.
This might just make it the smartest purchase that you’ve been putting off!

It’s perfect for those programs needing a real rolling batting cage on a limited budget.
Let’s hit!