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Big Bubba Batting Cage Replacement Parts & Accessories | Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage Parts



  All Available Accessories
 All Original Parts For 2012 & Newer
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JP ReviewBig Bubba Batting Cage Replacement Parts & Accessories

All Big Bubba Batting Cage parts & accessories are currently available.
This includes Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage replacement parts & accessories, as well as parts for the same-looking private label units like
BSN SPORTS models THE ATHLETIC CONNECTION branded parts & accessories.


Click Here to download or print our portable batting cage schematic & part list
Click Here for our in-depth article about parts & accessories for portable batting cages


Frame pieces include the most common parts that get damaged during daily transport and the long poles that lift & lower each frame section (rib).
Accessories include team color vinyl replacement skirts, main replacement net with baffle, tires, wheels & transport dolly, ricochet cushion & thud pad.

Try us for all Big Bubba Batting Cage parts & Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage parts, even if they are not listed on this page!
We have some obscure parts so please call or email us before throwing away your older Big Bubba Batting Cage, Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage.
Since there was a model change around 2012, it’s best if you know the age of your Big Bubba or Big Bubba Elite.

Most accessory items have not changed including Big Bubba main net with baffle net, ricochet cushion, Big Bubba vinyl skirts, thud pad, tires & wheels.
It’s the frame parts & transport dolly that are typical items that may have changed from the older models.

Call us toll-free with that information or if you are struggling to figure out what parts you need,
Be prepared to email us any pictures to


I hope this helps aim you in the right direction!
Not sure? Call me at 800-487-7432.
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Some Big Bubba Batting Cage Common Parts & Accessories Information

— Here are common parts & information you might need —

Bubba U Lock Connector Tubes – These are the long poles used to raise & lower each rib section & are sold by the pair

Bubba Side Frames – These consist of 2 legs & 1 cross member per arch/rib & can be interchanged between left & right sides

Bubba Front L Tubes – These aluminum pieces can bend when the unit gets transported. Sold per pair

Bubba Ricochet Cushion – These are 6 ft. long outdoor weather black foam tubes. Sold per each & sets of 7 For Big Bubba & 15 for Elite

Bubba Net & Baffle – Original Equipment. Fits both Big Bubba & Bubba Elite

Bubba Vinyl Skirts – Fits both units. Now available in team colors for no extra cost

Bubba Thud Pad – 68″ L x 52″ H x 4″ D (we call it a 4′ x 6′) heavy safety pad to help deaden any missed balls for easier shagging

Bubba Tires & Wheels – Sold per tire w/ wheel & sets of 3. Make sure you order correctly for Big Bubba or Bubba Elite!

Bubba Transport Dolley – Complete unit (does NOT include tire & wheel). Make sure you order correctly for Big Bubba or Bubba Elite!

How Do I Know If I Have A Big Bubba Or Bubba Elite?

Since all replacement parts are not identical on both models,
you may not know or recall what model you purchased many seasons ago.
(btw, vinyl skirts & replacement net & accessories are identical).


Bubba Elite Better Bubba Portable Batting Cage-9985 - accessoriesTires & Wheels are the easiest way to differentiate between models.
The Bubba Elite has larger tires with distinctive aluminum tubing “fenders”
that go over and around the 2 side tires & wheels. Look at photo to the right ———>

Bubba Elite Tires & Wheels – (Elite tires more resemble a golf cart tire
while the standard Big Bubba is more of skinny tire and wheel).

Bubba Elite Better Bubba Portable Batting Cage-9989 - accessoriesCoaches Platforms are standard equipment on the Bubba Elite though
some have purchased these platforms separately for either model.

Bubba Elite Coaches Platforms. Standard on Elite & optional on Standard Bubba.Look at photo to the right ———>

Ricochet Cushion – Both models are shipped with these 6 ft. black ricochet cushions.
Bubba Elite covers all 3 frame ribs that are raised and lowered into place totaling 15 pieces.
Standard Big Bubba ships with 7 pieces that completely cushion the one frame rib
closest to the pitcher & adds 2 pieces in the back.

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